Linking to the Curriculum

On Friday April 26th we had 23 science teachers from over 15 different Scottish Secondary schools come to the zoo to take part in a teacher training day.

The day’s events included training with two of our resource packs, Measuring Behaviour and Chimpanzee and Human Chromosomes. In the chromosome activity the teachers had a chance to compare the differences and similarities in the chromosomes of humans and chimpanzees, these resources are ideal for teaching students about genetic deletions, mutations and inversions.

c and h activity






In the Measuring Behaviour workshop they received an overview of how to study primate behaviour then went out into the zoo to study our primates themselves.

mb activity





We got some fantastic feedback from the day and the teachers are very excited to start using our resources in their classrooms. In the future we hope to offer another training day for our other two resource packs; Working with Scientific Literature and Primate Communication.

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