Scottish Primate Research Group

The Scottish Primate Research Group’s research includes field studies of primates in the wild, especially in Africa and S. America.  We also study captive primates to answer questions that cannot be answered in the wild, such as how monkeys perceive the social and physical world they live in. SPRG specialises in primate psychology and behaviour. We have a special  interest in what we can learn about our own evolutionary origins by better understanding our closest living relations. SPRG studies also include the conservation of wild primates and the welfare of captive ones.

The Founding members of the SPRG

The first SPRG weekend retreat at the Burn 1996

The SPRG was established in 1987 by primatologists at the Universities of St Andrews, Stirling, Edinburgh and Abertay, Dundee. It has achieved a world-class reputation and now includes 15 full time staff plus about 30 postdoctoral research staff, PhD students and other postgraduates.


The Burn, SPRG weekend retreat 2013