Living-Links/Budongo Research Consortium

Living Links belongs to the University of St Andrews: Budongo Trail belongs to the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS). However, together they form the Living-Links/Budongo Research Consortium, a research partnership between Scottish Universities with SPRG members, and the RZSS, supporting studies of the behaviour and cognition of capuchins, squirrel monkeys and chimpanzees, as well as children visiting either of the two locations.

The Director of the Budongo Research Unit is Professor Josep Call of the University of St Andrews and SPRG and research access is managed by Josep and Research Manager Kate Grounds- for enquiries related to observational or experimental research with the chimpanzees, please contact Kate Grounds in the first instance (

The Consortium is in turn affiliated with the Budongo Conservation Field Station in Uganda, for which RZSS provides base annual funding. Here, wild chimpanzees are studied. The Scientific Director of the Field Station is Professor Klaus Zuberbühler of the Universities of St Andrews and Neuchatel. Those interested in conducting research in the Budongo Forest should contact him in the first instance.