Meet Our Brown Capuchin Troops!

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We have two groups of capuchins at Living Links, the WEST capuchin troop and the EAST capuchin troop. Both groups live with their respective squirrel monkey groups in our mixed species exhibits.

Our researchers and keepers have to know who each individual is within these groups, so their first step when arriving at Living Links is to learn all the capuchin names and faces! This is to ensure monkeys are only tested once in each research session and with the right experimental condition, and also so keepers can do their daily checks on the groups and ensure the right individual gets medication if the monkeys are ever ill or injured.

We use different features like body size, hairline shape and colour, hair tuft size and shape, facial markings and spots and other unique features to identify each capuchin. Its tricky, but everyone can learn them within a few weeks.

For example, Santi has large, curved tufts- can you spot which pictured tufts are Santi’s?

See what differences you can spot between individuals by clicking on our West and East ID icons above or in the menu! Can you use these features to try and spot them in real life too?